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    Английские стихи, английские стихотворения

    Let's drink, my dear friends
    No need to be sober
    The thirties began
    My twenties are over
    Imagine one thing:
    I feel I am younger
    Since I've got a dream
    An’ spiritual hunger
    Since I’ve been with you
    Let’s drink for it quicker
    You are very few
    From 'everywhere people'
    What I realized -
    Try not to forget it:
    You think you are nice?
    No way –
    so much better!

    He returned from the backyard
    and went back to bed,
    his feet still cold from the nocturnal grass.
    lighter than the room,
    than the grey bitter pillow cases,
    were only seams
    of the street outside
    between the running curtains
    and pity
    which one shouldn't feel
    was reaching for the dark head
    that still smelled of tobacco
    in the pit in the pillow

    Some day, no, not now, later,
    after He has returned
    all beach balls that had rolled away
    all missing dogs, turtles, all kittens, and hedgehogs,
    when His rustling Things to do list
    calms down in His lap,
    subsides, smoothes out --
    I wish I'd be allowed to stand for a while
    next to His shaky chaise longue
    to the left, to the right
    -- doesn't matter
    for I'll would be looking away from Him,
    never at.
    The chair will squeak quietly, slipping on damp sand.
    I'll be squinting at the sunset,
    and the sea will be shining with queer gentle light
    my hand will slightly touch the cool metal arm
    his hem
    lashing my bare feet,
    his wide sleeve sliding over my wrist.
    I won't dare to look
    at Him. If I did
    I would only see an empty beach chair
    with faded striped fabric,
    balancing on the narrow sandy ridge,
    on that strip, on that crest with dead seaweed
    that separates real sand from the pebbles.
    How it would dazzle and shine -- metal frame,
    tiny sea ripples, and pebbles -- will glow oh so gently so weakly
    and the sun will reshape itself endlessly,
    toying with forms,
    never setting.

    Impatiently the grass stirs underfoot.
    Like one as yet unborn it gently pounds.
    "Hold on, slow down," you'll say, "for heaven's sake!
    I get your point."
    But no, it won't back off, it knows its rights,
    demanding -- childlike, painfully -- its way,
    it wants to grow straight up and down
    through me -- since I am in the way.
    The sun above, invisible, and yet another sun
    -- the earthly one -- the droning core inside…
    What else but these two ovens I am blocking,
    could be the everything the grass is yearning for?
    My sole and roots, my stem and soul are yours.
    Bind me, bindweed. Sharpen, sedge, your rapiers,
    and do it! pierce me through, while I am pulp,
    transfix me now before my time has ripened.

    If I can stop one heart from breaking
    I shall not live in vain
    If I can ease one Life the Aching
    Or cool one PainOr help one fainting Robin
    Unto his nest again
    I shall not live in vain

    Half of my life is gone, and I have left
    The years slipped from me and not fulfilled
    The aspiration of my youth, to build
    Some tower of song with lofty parapet.
    Not indolence, nor pleasure, nor the fret
    Of restless passions that would not be stilled,
    But sorrow and a care that almost killed,
    Kept me from what I may accomplish yet;
    Though half-way up the hill, I see the Past
    Lying beneath me with its sounds and slights, -
    A city in the twilight dim and vast,
    With smoking roofs, soft bells, and gleaming lights, -
    And hear above me on the autumnal blast
    The cataract of Death far thundering from the heights.

    You`ll be forever прошепчу...
    Твои познания в английском
    Еще малы, но так хочу,
    А ты мои читаешь мысли
    I`m here...рядом навсегда
    Я буду до скончанья века,
    И одного, как никогда
    Хочу на свете человека
    I`m happy...счастлива с тобой,
    С тобой мечты мои безбрежны...
    You`re tender...ты моя любовь,
    Мой самый лучший, самый нежный

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    - День Святого Валентина